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We continued to proceed with credit card service upgrades and product innovations, and took multiple measures to promote the recovery of consumption after the pandemic. In particular, firstly, we strengthened the acquisition of quality customers by gaining insight into the interests and needs of young customers, and launched the CMB-Douyin co-branded credit card in the first half of the year; secondly, we continued to increase the transaction scale by launching the “Cash-back Rebate for Mobile Payment” campaign for all cardholders, the “Daily Spending Coupon” catering to the “Labour Day” holiday, and a series of promotions with e-commerce platforms following the tide of “6.18” shopping festival, so as to promote the recovery of consumption after the pandemic; thirdly, we increased the investment in auto installment loan business, with the theme of green and low-carbon, jointly created a “special section for new energy” with a number of leading new energy automobile brands via the CMB Life APP and CMB APP, and pioneered the “one-stop” experience through “online car viewing – car selection – test driving”, and at the same time, in line with government incentive policy and through preferential promotions at merchant-side and client-side, so as to facilitate comprehensive recovery of the automobile consumption market; and fourthly, the Company upgraded the intelligent service level from “customers seeking services” to “services seeking customers”, and driven by Fintech, proactively activated services when customers' needs arise, so as to comprehensively improve service interaction efficiency, experience as well as value.

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