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CMB Life APP for credit card
During the year 2020, based on CMB Life APP, the Company steadily promoted the construction of credit card service, financial products, content ecosystem, life with automobile and other scenarios, and continued to strengthen the connection of CMB Life APP with the main business of credit cards as well as with the users and merchants. During the fight against the pandemic, the Company used Fintech to launch the “CMB Anti-pandemic Life Circle (小招喵的抗疫生活圈)” on CMB Life APP to provide customers with intelligent customer service, online repayment, online education and other financial and life services at home. The Company initiated the “Forerunners’ Alliance (逾 越者聯盟)” through CMB Life APP for the merchants to facilitate the recovery of various consumer sectors such as catering, automobiles and e-commerce, taking concrete actions to overcome difficulties with cooperative merchants. We continued to optimise the customer base management system of CMB Life APP to improve the operating capabilities of CMB Life APP through various marketing activities. As at the end of 2020, the aggregate number of users of CMB Life APP amounted to 110,000,000. During the year 2020, the maximum number of daily active users of CMB Life APP reached 8,135,500 and the number of monthly active users was 46,031,700 as at the end of the period. In terms of the number of online activity of users, CMB Life APP continued to outperform other credit card APPs in the banking industry.
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