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Corporate wealth management

In May 2006, CMB launched China’s first corporate financial service that enabled a bank to manage assets for corporate customers as the sponsor and manager of financial plans. Powered by a cutting-edge fund transaction platform and risk management system, CMB utilized its professional R&D and design team, mature financing network, and strong ability to develop innovative products and offer specialist financial consulting services to ensure the sweeping success of its new offering.

Our GoFortune product currently serves a wide range of leading enterprises, institutions, and listed companies in China. We have issued more than 5,000 GoFortune products with a cumulative sales value of over RMB2 trillion. In addition to generating consistently strong sales, we remain committed to managing financial activities and risks and issuing financial products as required by the regulator. We have repaid the principal and interest for all mature financial products without losing the principal, generating zero gains or in fact generating a lower-than-expected yield.

Our corporate finance service has earned acclaim from investors and financial agencies. Currently, our corporate finance service leads the industry in everything from product design and marketing to management, positioning us as a leader in the area of corporate wealth management.

We offer elaborate financial plans and integrated wealth management solutions for around 20,000 corporate customers.

As part of our customer-focused strategy, we will continue to offer enterprises a complete range of financial consulting services on funds, investment and capital management to help them realize growth targets and maximum value by exploring the potential of open, global financial markets and integrated operations.

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