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Our products
Thanks to our profound understanding in the Chinese high-net-worth population's preference for assets portfolio and investment demand, CMB private banking has established a global investment platform to provide a massive array of investment products jointly with global outstanding investment professionals.
Through cooperation with global leading investment managers, we provide you with the best financial products.
We have developed a series of innovative products, which provide access to custom products and services.
The stable and comprehensive product system covers cash management, fixed-income investment, equity investment, alternative investment, insurance and financing. You can choose products according to your needs and building a reasonable assets portfolio.
Cash management
CMB enjoys wide presence in global cross-bank bond and monetary investment and has developed a series of cash management financial products to satisfy the short-term investment demand, providing high-liquidity and stable-income products for individual investors with low risk appetite.
Fix-income products
To consolidate your assets portfolio and protect your wealth against financial turbulence, we provide various fixed-income products, including fix-income trust products, debt funds, fixed-income insurance products and fixed-income securities dealer integrated financial products.
Equity investment
CMB private banking offers customer-tailored stock investment products and latest investment information, including:
Sunlight private equity trust program
CMB private banking enables you to invest in flexible sunlight private equity funds and exchange views with investment managers.
Exclusive wealth management
We offer customer-tailored financial products according to your target and needs and establish an exchange platform between you and investment managers.
Third-party wealth management
According to your long-term wealth management plan, we will choose optimal investment institutions and managers to form a think tank to spur your long-term wealth growth.
VIP bank financial products
We employ the most famous investment managers and provide a full line of bank financial products to fulfill your different wealth management demand.
Regular exchange with the most influential investment managers
We will invite the most influential and insightful investment managers to provide the latest market analysis and share light on the investment strategy.
Alternative investment
In addition to traditional stocks, bonds and deposit, CMB private banking has developed a full string of alternative investment products, covering unlisted company equity, bulk commodity, gold, real estate and art work investment and including PE funds, hedge funds, real estate funds and structural products.
PE funds
While enjoy a high investment yield in the secondary market, we seek to tap on investment opportunities in the primary market to profit from growth of invested companies.
In doing this, we have chosen the best PE and VC investment institutions in China and partnered with them to explore companies with high growth and listing potential, offering golden opportunities for you to invest in equity of companies.
Real estate funds
As a type of long-term investment tools, real estate funds invest in highly profitable real estate projects with investors' money and based on experience of fund managers, and bring substantial return for investors by means of dividends, equity transfers and repurchasing.
We will partner with experienced fund companies and managers and improve our product management system to bring stable return for you.
Structural products
Structural products fuse fixed-income financial products and derivative financial instruments. By investing the majority of fund in fixed-income products, structural products ensure safety of the principal and invest the rest part in derivative financial instruments such as stocks, interest rates, exchange rates and commodities, creating profit amid fluctuations of the invested products.
We will carefully choose the investment products and timing to building a solid and highly profitable investment portfolio for you.
Overseas investment
To fulfill your need for global assets portfolio, we provide whole overseas investment solutions for you. Our solutions cover various investment fields including stocks, bonds, funds, commodities, foreign exchanges and alternative investment. Through QDII, your domestic fund will be distributed to various investment fields globally and enjoy profit from global financial markets. In addition, through our branches in Hong Kong, Wing Lung Bank and CMB International, we provide comprehensive wealth management solutions for your overseas assets, covering securities, foreign exchanges, commodities, derivatives, financing, offshore finance, insurance, trust and investment banks.
CMB private banking offers loans of various types, including innovative products such as business, consumption and short-term loans and traditional products such as first-hand house purchase, house décor, garage, personal consumption and car loans.
Moreover, we offer credit loans to high-net-worth customers without pledge, providing borrowings to you, according to your credit record and assets in CMB, for consumption and business purposes.
Suitable insurance is like a reliable companion, guarding against unexpected misfortunes.
Partnering with leading insurance companies, CMB delivers professional and professional insurance products over customers of different ages and needs. All the products, including investment, life, medical and accident insurance, are tailored based on your needs. Therefore, we can provide professional and custom insurance planning and portfolio for you.