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Our service
CMB’s personal banking platform applies our local and global financial insights to tailor customer-centric wealth management plans designed to control risks and maximize returns.
Personal banking with CMB serves all your financial needs. We give you:
1. A 1+N expert team and all CMB's resources
1: Senior management staff
We designate a senior personal banking manager to provide you with exclusive services that interweave your wealth targets and risk appetite with CMB’s financial tools and current market conditions.
N: Expert investment team
Comprising global experts in the area of securities, funds, hedge funds, private equity, trust, insurance, tax and alternative investments, your N team specializes in macro-economic research, asset portfolios, wealth management, comprehensive financing, risk management and offshore finance.
Through your designated senior personal banking manager, the team identifies the right products for you, and provides professional advice on wealth management, legal and tax issues, funds, stocks, bonds, forex, insurance, trusts, QDII, private equity, precious metals, and art and real estate transactions. We tailor the members of your N team based on your needs.
1+N: CMB is ready to serve
To fully serve your needs, we provide you with an exclusive senior manager, an expert team, and mature software and hardware platforms.
2. The CMB 4-step work plan is a uniquely efficient way to provide professional and integrated financial services.
Our 1+N expert team (1) listens to your demands; (2) proposes suitable wealth management solutions; (3) implements the solutions; and (4) tracks progress and performance. The 4-step plan enables us to customize specific solutions that fulfill your wealth management goals.
Listen: Understanding your needs derives from listening to you. We listen to you and respond immediately if your needs change.
Propose: Proposals derive from analysis. We analyze your needs to customize and propose precise wealth management solutions.
Implement: Wealth growth derives from precise implementation. We act quickly to fully seize the opportunities provided by our solutions.
Track: Continued success derives from continued tracking. We track progress to avoid risks and maximize gains.
3. Holistic wealth management
Your designated senior manager and expert team follow the 4-step plan to design holistic wealth management solutions based on our investigations and analyses of various markets.
The solutions cover a full range of domestic and international investment fields, including funds, stocks, bonds, forex, insurance, and private equity. Our expert team gives professional advice on inheritance and tax laws and financial issues, and investment advice in various areas, such as real estate, precious metals, art, antiques and wine.
4. 24/7 global hotline
Wherever you’re at home in Beijing, shopping in Tokyo, or skiing in Switzerland, you can pick up the phone and call your designated senior manager to discuss your financial situation or issue instructions. We immediately carry out your instructions through our secure and reliable system to rapidly respond to investment opportunities.
The global CMB personal banking hotline is secure, immediate and always ready to serve you.
5. Social networking for wealth growth
We organize a range of social activities to help you network, socialize, build up your wealth portfolio and – above all – enjoy yourself. Activities include parties, golf tournaments, visits to art galleries, and forums.
VIP activities:
Add to your art collection at high-end shows
Refine your palate at high-end wine tasting events
Show off your swing at our golf tournaments
The Young Elite Fortune Forum is a social network for leading young businessmen and women involved in family businesses. The forum provides a platform for discussing wealth management and promoting the long-term success of family businesses.
The CMB VIP tour plan invites CMB VIPs to enjoy the world’s historic sites, spectacular scenery, and delicious cuisine: taste the delights of French and Italian cuisine, appreciate the artistry of Swiss watches, and marvel at Britain’s medieval castles and beautiful landscapes!
CMB holds art auctions jointly with Christie's and Sotheby's to help you seize investment opportunities as well as boost your knowledge of art.
Join us in a marriage of culture and wealth!