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Sunflower professional wealth management
Professional wealth management advisors
Seizing opportunities and subduing risks
Our professional VIP financial advisors are dedicated to helping you identify opportunities and sidestep risks. They can serve your needs by:
  • • Developing customized investment, spending, education and retirement plans for you.
  • • Monitoring your investment portfolio to maximize yields and protect against risks.
  • • Giving you preferential access to CMB financial products including bonds, currencies, and stocks designing personalized asset portfolios.
A full financial product portfolio
CMB is your financial ally.
Protecting your finances and meeting your wealth needs are our top priorities.
The CMB Sunflower Wealth Management Center exists to serve you with outstanding financial products and friendly, professional services.
Accurate and latest financial information
According to your needs, we will provide enormous and latest financial information through various channels, including stock, exchange, bond and fund investment reports.
Fast and convenient wealth management channels
Our outlets provide pleasant and direct services; online bank, telephone bank, mobile bank, tablet PC bank and ATMs provide 24/7 services for you to enjoy great convenience.
Unique superior loan services
CMB provides each Sunflower VIP with loans up to RMB3 million with a term of 2 years for car purchasing, house décor, traveling and shopping.
VIP commission discount
Sunflower VIPs enjoy special commission discounts.