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By focusing on your needs, CMB provides fully customized and professional wealth management solutions designed to maximize your wealth. Sunflower wealth management is driven by you.
Sunflower professional wealth management
Geared to hitting your wealth targets, our professional wealth management team and full portfolio of financial management tools is the best path to achieving a high investment yield.
  •  Professional wealth management advisors
  •  A full financial product portfolio
  •  Accurate and up to the minute financial information
  •  Fast and convenient wealth management channels
  •  Unique, superior loan services
  •  VIP commission discounts
Sunflower VIP services
Sunflower provides outstanding VIP services for its distinguished customers.
  •  VIP airplane boarding service
  •  VIP golf service
  •  Other special offers
Sunflower VIP hotline
In addition to CMB's 95555 customer service hotline, Sunflower VIP has its own designated service hotline to provide VIP customers with superior remote banking services.
  •  Consulting
  •  Securities trading and investments
  •  Business travel
  •  Reservations
  •  Alerts