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Personal Call Deposit
You can choose the personal call deposit scheme to save large-amount deposits at high interest. Available for CNY only, personal call deposit accounts can be either 1 day or 7 days. Although there is no specified savings period, the customer must call the bank in advance – either 1 day or 7 days depending on the scheme – and state the amount and date of withdrawal.
Service Features
  • 1.
    Flexibility: suits for customers with a large amount of deposit and demanding withdrawal of the deposit in the near future, or those demanding several withdrawals at different times, or those uncertain of the date of withdrawal in the near future;
  • 2.
    High interest rates: Call deposits receive more interest than current savings;
  • 3.
    Convenient self-service: The call deposit and call transfer service for All-in-One accounts can be completed in various ways, including the call center, Internet banking, self-service terminals and counters;
  • 4.
    Worry free and automated: Upon maturity, the bank system automatically transfers the previously called amount back to your current account to save time and improve efficiency;
  • 5.
    Enables large-amount funds management: High minimum amount for account opening and withdrawal. Minimum amount for account opening: CNY50,000; minimum withdrawal amount: CNY50,000.
How to apply
  • 1.
    As an "All-in-one-card" cardholder, you can choose self-service channels such as the call centre (Tel: 95555) to open Call Deposit sub-account, or apply at a CMB branch;
  • 2.
    If you wish to apply for a Call Deposit Special receipt, please apply at any CMB banking office with your ID. If you apply in proxy, both your and the proxy’s original IDs must be presented.
Service Channels
Call center, Internet banking professional/general edition, self-service terminals, CMB branches.
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