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personal consumption credit
If you want to apply for a revolving credit with a longest interest-free repayment term of 50 days, please choose the personal consumption credit.
CMB's customers who have been granted with the revolving credit facility can apply for the personal consumption credit. It can be used for all-in-one card and online shopping payments within the granted credit limit. CMB's prime customers do not need to provide a pledge to apply for the credit facility.
Supporting payment at any time
The credit facility is bond with the all-in-all card. The can be used for all-in-one card and online shopping payments.
Truly interest-free
Users can enjoy a longest interest-free repayment period of 50 days.
Supporting multiple repayment methods
Users can repay funds through the online and telephone banking service. The credit increases as funds are repaid.
No minimum payment requirement
The credit has no minimum payment requirement (generally 10% of the funds borrowed). After the interest-free repayment period expires, all the funds borrowed can be converted into a loan to renew the interest-free repayment period.
Low interest rate
The daily interest rate is lower than 0.05%.
Applicable for:
First-hand house purchase
Second-hand house purchase
Commercial property purchase
Personal consumption payment
Personal credit consumption payment
*Excluding revolving credit facility
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