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first-hand house purchase loan
If you want for apply for loans to purchase a first-hand house, please choose the first-hand house purchase loan.
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    The business is to offer first-hand house purchasers with low-interest loans that total 70% of the house price at most, with no fixed limit on the amount of each loan and the longest term of 30 years. It offers multiple flexible ways for burrowers to repay their loans, including CMB's unique "repayment at any time", "convenient consumption", "fixed-interest-rate repayment" and "repayment of the interest only".
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    If you are a CMB private banking customer, diamond VIP, Sunflower customer and VIP credit card user, or a government employee such as public servant, teacher and doctor, or a CMB prime customer, you can apply for the direct loan to pay the house purchase amount in once and in full with the loan granted at a preferential interest rate.
Materials to be provided:
1. ID card and marriage certificate
2. Domicile certificate [Provide one if there are several]:
Water, power, gas, telephone or property management fee bill
3. Income certificate [Provide one if there are several]:
Salary certificate/bank transaction record/income tax roll/social security record/others
4. Borrowing purpose certificate:
House purchase agreement
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