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The Personal Internet Banking Service Professional Edition
The Personal Internet Banking Service Professional Edition software is a secure and efficient personal online banking and fund management solution exclusively developed by CMB. Based on our strict identity verification system, each user is issued with a file or digital certificate that must be verified to access the available services and facilitate each transaction.
As a CMB account holder, you can apply for the Professional Edition to manage your funds online and enjoy a full range fund management services.
Our Mobile Digital Certificate brings you a fresh banking experience: We are the bank by your side. We are the heart of fund management.

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Service Features
• Safe and Reliable
The Professional Edition adopts the mature X.509 digital certification standard. Certified by the State Safety Authority, the system’s powerful digital signature and encryption technologies ensure customers’ identities and passwords remain safe.

• Powerful
You can use the Professional edition to manage all of your CMB bank cards. The system provides fund management functions through a broad range of customizable online banking services to fully meet your needs.

• Convenient and Fast
CMB’s 24/7 online services allow you to transcend time and space: Simply turn on your computer to access your account information in full. To guarantee fast and easy transfers - especially for online shopping - you don’t even need to designate an account in advance for remittances.

• Easy Installation
The Professional Edition features an intelligent software installation wizard. After applying for the online banking service at any branch, visit our website, click Logon Professional Edition under “Internet Banking”, and then follow the prompts.

• Rich Information Sources
To help you fully understand each function, the Professional Edition provides a user's guide, help information, and descriptions and demo programs for each function. It also updates you with interest and foreign exchange rates, enabling you to more effectively manage your finances.
Function Overview
1. Certificate Management Functions:
  • ·
    Updates, backup, inquiries, and undo bankcard binding
2. System Administration Functions:
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    Change password
  • ·
    Log-in records
  • ·
    Configuration display
3. Banking Service Functions:
• Payment Scheduling
Set direct debits for automatic execution.
• Agenda Reminder
Set reminders for different tasks; for example, business activities and creditor's rights or liabilities. The system emails you reminders at the specified time.
• Financial Analysis
Customize financial statements to meet your needs. The system automatically collects the income and expenditure information relating to all of your CMB accounts, analyzes your financial status, and enables you to add information from other banks for holistic financial analysis.
• Customized Services
Customize your own express channel, and create your own web page to manage your funds more easily and efficiently. The system provides customized information based on your account and securities portfolios.
• Account Information Inquiry Service
Check your accounts: includes statements, transactions, online payments, and your Online Payment Card number.
• Transfer, Remittance, Fee payment Services
Transfer funds between current savings and fixed deposit accounts; conduct inter-city, intra-city, batch, and Internet Payment Card transfers; check your transfer records; edit beneficiary information; make payments with your All-in-one card; and apply for All-in-one card functions (includes the Internet Payment Card; All-in-one card online payments, card fee payments, transfers and remittances; forex trading; and Shenzhouxing mobile phone top-ups).
• Report a Lost Card and Change your Password Report the loss of your All-in-one card; change your All-in-one-card inquiry password, ATM pin, and Internet Payment Card password
• Self-service Loan Application Services Apply for a loan, extend a loan’s term, change loan type, inquire about loan and credit products, manage repayments.
• Internet payment Service Pay for online purchases; set payment limits.
• Foreign Exchange Trade Services
Check forex rates, set exchange rates, transfer to and from your trading account, order/revoke a trade transaction, convert between fixed and current deposits, check your account balance and transaction records.
• Government Bond Investments
Check available information, purchase government bonds, cash-in bonds in advance.
• Securities Services
Transfer between bank and securities company accounts; Bank-Securities Express
4. Other Functions:
• Certificate Activation
Activate your certificate online after application approval from any CMB branch.
• Certificate Restoration
Restore the original certificate
• User Deletion
Uninstall Personal Internet Banking Professional Edition
• Configure Telecommunications
Configure parameters for telephone banking
• System Detection
Detect system installation status, user information, and telecom status.
Application Requirements
• Target Customers: CMB account holders
• Requirements for PCs: Windows 98 or a later Windows OS version; IE 5.0 or later with Internet access.
Service Channels
• Application Channel: CMB Branch
• Service Channel: Internet
How to Apply
Present your ID and bankcard to CMB staff at any branch. Complete the China Merchants Bank Personal Internet Banking Service Application Form
• You will receive an authorization code for the Professional Edition. Then, follow the procedure in the User's Guide.
All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.