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Self-service bank location searching
Please choose the province, city and district for the search. You can input key words such as the name of the self-service bank and a nearby building.
After you click the search button, name(s) of self-service bank(s) meeting the input conditions will be displayed. After you click a bank's name, the system will automatically locate the bank and show its detailed information.
You can input your position in the detail information box and click "Get There" to show how to get to the chosen self-service bank.
You can add the web page into the Favorites or print the map in "Print".
You can also use mobile all-in-one net (, iPhone and Android mobile banking to check nearby CMB's branches.
You can click a branch's name to see how many people are queuing at the branch.
If you have any question, please contact us through "Online Customer Service" or the customer service hotline 95555.
All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.