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Joint-name Card
Joint-name Cards refer to the bankcards jointly issued by China Merchants Bank and other corporations, institutions or social organizations to their mutual clients for financial purposes such as payment and cash service. Holders of these cards are also entitled to favorable treatments, preference services, and special services offered by cooperating enterprises and social organizations. China Merchants Bank now offers joint-name credit cards, joint-name All-in-one-cards, and Joint-name Payment Cards.
Service Features
  • 1)
    A Joint-name All-in-one-card has all the functions of an ordinary All-in-one-card;
  • 2)
    The joint-name cardholder is entitled to favorable and preference services offered by co-issuer.
Joint-name Cards Already Available
  • 1)
    "All-in-one-card" Traffic Safety Service Card –jointly issued by China Merchants Bank Nanjing Branch and the Nanjing Public Security Bureau
  • 2)
    China Merchants Bank Hangzhou Branch Yintai joint-name Card –jointly issued by Zhejiang Yintai Department Store Co., Ltd and CMB.
  • 3)
    CMB-Tianfu " All-in-one-net" – a joint-name Internet payment card jointly issued by China Merchants Bank Chengdu Branch and "Tianfu Hotline" Internet Information Company, for the purposes of on-line shopping payment, fee and charge settlement, and purchase of credit points, etc.
  • 4)
    CMB-Sina " All-in-one-net" – a nationwide joint-name on-line Payment Card jointly issued by China Merchants Bank and Sina, for the purpose of shopping and consumption settlement at Sina's on-line shopping center "SINAMALL" and contracted shops of CMB.
  • 5)
    CMB-Bestman All-in-one-card –jointly issued by China Merchants Bank and Shanghai Bestman Commercial Service Co., Ltd., for the purpose of on-line shopping payment
  • 6)
    "CMB-Laiya All-in-one-card" - jointly issued by China Merchants Bank Xiamen Branch and Xiamen Laiya Department Store Co., Ltd.
How to Apply
Please consult with the branches of China Merchants Bank offering these cards.  
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