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Sunflower VIP Card
CMB "Sunflower VIP Card", the 1st Platinum Card for Financial Management in Asia Pacific Region
As a China Merchants Bank' s most valued "Sunflower VIP", you might desire a bankcard that is usable worldwide, best represents your prestige, qualifies you to bank's comprehensive financial management service. Today, your dreams come true! China Merchants Bank now offers its VIPs "Sunflower VIP" Platinum Card, with which, no matter in China or abroad, you will be accessible to our warm-hearted services exclusive to our most prestigious clients.
Seven Unique Features
  • 1.
    First Platinum Card for Financial management in Asia Pacific region;
  • 2.
    Platinum quality service associated with the card;
  • 3.
    Global VIP Plane boarding service;
  • 4.
    Toll-free 800 hotline service;
  • 5.
    Global cash withdrawal and consumption;
  • 6.
    Overseas emergency relief service;
  • 7.
    Card number at your own choice.
Seven Prestigious Services
"One-to-one" Financial Consulting Service
One-to-one, professional, insightful, and customized financial designs and services to you, helps you better plan your daily life, and achieve optimized value and top quality life.
Priority and Exclusive Space for VIPs
Sixty-seven "Sunflower VIP" Service Centers, 228 "Sunflower VIP" rooms, and 250 "Sunflower VIP" Service counters at China Merchants Bank are set for all Sunflower VIPs. You do not have to wait in line, and what you have will be Priority and Exclusive Space.
Bountiful and Timely Information for Fund Management
We provide you bountiful and timely information on investment, all customized against your personal requirements, to help you capture every chance to make your assets appreciate through investment. Moreover, in order to keep you fully informed of changes in your accounts, China Merchants Bank send you your account statement that contains detailed transactions for your reference.
Exclusive Right to Super-valuable favorable Treatment
As a Sunflower VIP, you may have exclusive right to various super-valuable favorable treatments offered by China Merchants Bank as well as other international organizations. They include discount and exemption on many service charges and consumption discounts offered by contracted shops.
Nationwide Universal Service
No matter wherever you are, You may enjoy Top-class nationwide service: "Sunflower" VIP plane boarding service, hotel reservation and VIP services in hotels, remote medical first aid, air ticket booking, weather/traffic information inquiry, free short-time safekeeping, emergency withdrawal, emergent report of loss, free Financial Management Secretary notice through mobile phone messages or E-mails, etc.
Wonderful Financial Management Package Service
Increasingly enriched package services included in "Easy Loan Express," "Investment Express" and "Happy Home Life" to satisfy your requirements in investment and life.
Convenient Channels to Services available
The service channels of CMB are convenient, fast and multi-alternative. Around-the-clock, 7-days-a-week uninterrupted services are available either through Internet Banking and Telephone Banking, or Mobile Banking and Palm Banking. Every transaction has been made simple and easy for you. "Sunflower VIP Card" holders are also accessible to toll-free, exclusive hotline service at 800-830-5555, Fast-and-Easy Financial Management Service (human-aided via 95555) as well as "Sunflower VIPs" exclusive channel on Personal Internet Banking. All are to be the symbols of VIPs' honor and prestige.
How to Apply
As long as your financial assets in your personal accounts (including fixed deposits in local and foreign currencies, current savings, as well as the market value of all securities in "Bank-Securities Express," "Bank-Fund Express" and government bonds certificate) in the same branch of China Merchants Bank add up to RMB500,000 yuan or its equivalent or above, you are entitled for a "Sunflower VIP"card.
For further information, please contact any banking offices of China Merchants Bank, or log on to "All-in-one-net" website.  
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