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All-in-one-card Gold Card
"All-in-one-card" Gold Card issued by China Merchants Bank is widely accepted in both China and abroad, and deemed a bankcard capable of comprehensive financial management function. "All-in-one-card" Gold Card integrates many deposit accounts in various currencies, of different time periods and, as well as other functions. With this card, you may avail yourself of comprehensive financial management services at service outlets of China Merchants Bank, or through self-service channels such as Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking. In additon, you may pay with the card when you shop or enjoy services in contracted vendors or withdraw cash from ATMs, all bearing marks of "China Unionpay","VISA" or "Mastercard", both in China and in other countries.
*Applications for "All-in-one-card" VISA and MasterCard are not accepted for now.
I. Four Unique Features
  • 1.
    The first international financial management card in China;
  • 2.
    Short message notification on large-amount of expenditures;
  • 3.
    Worldwide payment and withdrawal servcie;
  • 4.
    Convenient and fast automatic foreign exchanges purchase service.
II. Functions and Services
Comprehensive Financial Management
"All-in-one-card" Gold Card is able to accommodate fixed and current deposit accounts in different currencies such as the RMB, USD, HKD, Japanese yen, Euro and GBP. Deposit, withdrawal and transfer between the accounts in between over 30 major cities in the country are honored – convenient and fast.
Investment Service
Holders of "All-in-one-card" Gold Card can conveniently invest in A-shares, B-shares, open funds products, all sorts of insurance policies, foreign exchanges, as well as government bonds certificate traded in securities market of China. They are also served with bountiful and in-time information on financial management.
Global Acceptance
Holders of "All-in-one-card" Gold Card are empowered to pay with the card at over 20 million contracted vendors bearing marks of VISA or MasterCard, or withdraw cash in local currency from ATMs in more than 200 countries and areas. They are also allowed to pay with the card at all contracted vendors bearing "China Unionpay" mark in China, or withdraw cash from ATMs.
Family Fund Planning
Fee payment, trips and education are indispensable components of your life. Anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a personal computer with Internet access, a telephone, or a mobile phone, you can avail yourself of self-service fee payment service with your "All-in-one-card" Gold Card: you will never miss your work or your enjoyment.
On-line Consumption
China Merchants Bank's On-line Shopping Mall is the biggest on-line shopping and entertainment center in China. With On-line payment function of your "All-in-one-card" Gold Card, you are entitled to much more on-line shopping convenience and numerous favorite treatments.
Self-help Loan
"All-in-one-card" Gold Card enables you to borrow money from CMB through self-help channels anytime of a day.
Multi-Channels services
You may avail yourself of any financial management services including transfer of proceeds, remittance, investment and financing with your "All-in-one-card" Gold Card, either over counters, or through self-service channels such as Telephone Banking (95555), Internet Banking (, Mobile Banking, and Self-service Banking Terminals.
Favorable Foreign Exchange Rates
When traveling abroad, your "All-in-one-card" Gold Card entitles you to favorable foreign exchange rates.
Report of Loss Immediately Effective
In case of stolen card anytime, anywhere, you may log into China Merchants Bank's website, or call China Merchants Bank nationwide customer service hotline 95555 while in China, or call China Merchants Bank overseas service hotline +86-755-84391000 while out of the country, to report the loss of your "All-in-one-card" Gold Card.
Emergency Services
Cardholders can have overseas emergency services provided by VISA or MasterCard International Organization to relieve you from your emergencies. Emergency services offered including emergent report of loss, emergent withdrawal of cash, and emergent card replacement.
Choose Your Favorite Card Number
You may choose your favorite card number from several millions available.
Automatic Foreign Exchange Purchase
If you have activated "Automatic Foreign Exchange Purchase" function, China Merchants Bank will change equivalent RMB into USD according to publicized foreign exchange rates in case of insufficient balance in your USD accounts.
III. How to Apply
If all the total assets in your accounts hosted with the same branch of China Merchants Bank (referring to fixed and current deposits in RMB and foreign exchanges, balances of "Bank-Securities Express," "Bank-Fund Express" and Government Bonds Certificate accounts) exceeds RMB50,000 yuan or its equivalent, you are qualified to apply for an "All-in-one-card" Gold Card.
For further information, please consult local China Merchants Bank, or log into China Merchants Bank "All-in-one-net" Website.
All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.