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Pension service products page
1) Enterprise annuity (EA): single and collective EA plans
2) Jinfu plan: performance risk fund, profit sharing, staff incentives, staff savings, and special incentive schemes;
3) Hengkang plan: insurance packages for senior executives, employees, borrowers' accidents, construction workers, lifelong critical illnesses, and a medical insurance fund for employees;
4) Pension.
Single EA Plan
Sponsored by an enterprise, the plan empowers the trustee to select an account manager, custodian and investment manager as required by the enterprise. Under the plan, each manager serves the enterprise in its respective area of responsibility.
Collective EA Plan
Sponsored by a corporate trustee, the plan defines the duties of the account manager, custodian and investment manager, who jointly formulate the rules and procedures for EA fund management, and provides a number of enterprises with a package of management functions and services. Currently, CMB has sponsored or is participating in the following collective EA plans: Golden Life Rongxiang, Golden Life Zunxiang, Golden Life Lexiang, Taiping-CMB Smart, China Life-CMB Yongle II, Tangkang-CMB 2+2, and Pingan-CMB 2+2.


Single Plan

Collective Plan


The trustee separately manages the EA plan for a single trustor.

The trustee centrally manages EA plans from a number of trustors.

Management model

Sponsored by an enterprise, the plan empowers the trustee to select an account manager, custodian and investment manager based on the enterprise's conditions, and to manage fund investment activities separately.

The plan centers on the trustee, who designates the account manager, custodian, investment manager, and standardized investment portfolios, and centrally manages a number of EA funds.

Target enterprise

Enterprises with a large capital base: a minimal initial EA fund of RMB30 million

Various types of enterprises: no limit on the initial fund size

Costs for the enterprise


Customized: subject to negotiations between the enterprise and EA fund management organizations

Standardized, with a unified amount of fees collected by EA fund management organizations based on market conditions


High: An enterprise that has set up a single EA plan pays fees for auditing, inter-bank securities trading, and opening the account.

Low: Enterprises under the collective EA plan jointly pay fees for auditing, inter-bank securities trading, and opening the account.


Long: at least 2 to 3 months from signing the trustee contract to actually investing

Short: usually 15 workdays from signing the trustee contract to actually investing


High: The enterprise is required to designate employees for management and decision-making during the process of establishing and operating the EA fund, such as negotiations on operating procedures and contracts.

Low: Enterprises only need to sign contracts for the EA fund to become operational based on standard procedures and contract templates.

Jinfu Plan
CMB offers the Jinfu plan to help enterprises attract and retain capable employees by increasing their benefits.
Hengkang Plan
By fully utilizing the government's preferential tax policies, CMB's Hengkang Plan comprises a range of competitive insurance products for employees.
Jinfu Plan
Sponsored by CMB, the Jinfu Plan is designed to increase investment value and delay pension payments, helping enterprises to improve their benefit system and attract and retain core employees. Based on enterprises’ requirements, CMB's Jinfu Plan provides two options: standard and financial services. Services under the plan include solution design, investment consultation, operations and management, subsidiary accounting, and information disclosure.
1.  Strong incentive for capable employees: Customized for a specific group of employees and aligned with an enterprise's HR management objectives, the plan enables the enterprise to retain and incentivize high-caliber employees.
2. Rich management experience: As China's first bank to launch Jinfu plans, CMB has gained extensive experience in the field. Currently, the product is highly regarded by numerous Chinese and foreign enterprises, including private enterprises.
3. Simple local service: Through its nationwide network of banking outlets, CMB offers professional services locally geared to the requirements of different enterprises.
4. An extensive investment portfolio: CMB has developed a series of 'Golden Wealth' products that vary in asset class and cater to market changes. Moreover, CMB has partnered leading financial institutions to offer a wide selection of superior financial solutions for enterprises.
5. Robust technical expertise: CMB is committed to leading the market with cutting-edge IT technologies. We rely on our strong R&D team and advanced systems to help enterprises optimally manage fund allocations and book accounts.
6. Professional information service: CMB regularly provides customers with a full spectrum of information regarding the capital market, compensation and benefits management, and policy trends.
Service description
1. Solution design: Based on their incentive needs, CMB assists customers to determine plan participants, terms of fee payment, fund allocation, ownership, and collection.
2. Investment consultation: CMB designs, selects and adjusts Jinfu EA plans for customers on their risk and yield profiles.
3. Operations management: CMB manages a complete range of business procedures for customers such as fee payments, investments, and disbursements.
4. Subsidiary accounting: CMB's subsidiary accounting services include creating enterprise and individual accounts, conducting daily maintenance on individual accounts, recording payments and investment returns, and calculating ownership interest.
5. Information disclosure: CMB regularly provides enterprises with a Jinfu plan management report that details the EA funds, investments and returns.
Service process
Sign a Jinfu Plan Trust Service Contract > Formulate a Jinfu Plan > Open a capital account for the Jinfu plan > Select investment products > Pay the first installment into the account > Start investing.
Hengkang Plan
By fully utilizing the government's preferential tax policies, CMB's Hengkang Plan comprises a range of competitive insurance products for employees. Through negotiations with several insurance companies, CMB selects the most competitive insurance products and offers comprehensive pension products for its customers.
By fully leveraging preferential tax policies, the Hengkang Plan enables enterprises to maximize employee benefits without additional cost. CMB partners with leading insurance companies to develop innovative market-driven products that cater to enterprises' growing diversity of employee benefit requirements.
Service description
Currently, CMB has partnered with six leading insurance companies – Taikang Insurance, Taiping Pensions, CPIC Life,Sino Life,PICC and Cigna&Cmc  – to provide the Golden Ruitai, Geili Life Plan, Golden Warmth,Golden Life, Golden Xin’an,and Zunchong Life series respectively. These products insure employees against accidental death and disability, critical illness and death,etc .
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