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Pension Service
1. Pension trustee management
Based on our trustee service management system, our pension trustee service solution comprises a complete range of standardized, customized and high-quality pension management services. our service offerings include designing solutions, setting investment policies, planning operations, and collating market intelligence. Powered by our strong mass data and information recording and transmission capabilities, we offer 24/7 services through our widely distributed branches and extensive service network.
High-end trustee service brand
Since launching the enterprise annuity (EA) trustee service in 2007, we have dominated the market with our innovative concept of ‘trustee for both rights and liabilities’ and one-stop service model. Thanks to our cutting-edge operating procedures, superior services, and strong banking expertise, we have secured a series of EA trustee service contracts from leading companies such as China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group, Citibank (China), China Guangdong Nuclear Power, and State Development & Investment Corporation. These contracts have helped us consolidate our position as a ‘Golden Life’ brand that leads the market and industry based on expertise and innovation.
Strong asset allocation capabilities
Backed by the strong research expertise and extensive experience of our trustee service team, we have established solid investment concepts and full asset allocation capabilities, enabling us to develop EA investment plans based on customers’ risk tolerance. According to an EA market report released by Thomson Reuters, EA portfolios managed by CMB yield significantly higher returns than the market average.
Leading trustee service system
Benefiting from independent research and continuous upgrades, our trustee service system delivers end-to-end management capabilities such as operation planning, file management, investment decisions, risk management, performance evaluations, information disclosure, and system maintenance. The system serves as a safe and efficient e-platform for compensation management products including EA plans.
Professional trustee service team
Comprising global consultation, operation and management specialists in the area of pensions, our pension finance department continues to train professional product managers under a three-tier service model that involves central management by HQ, coordination by regional branches, and front-line service provision by sub-branches.
2. Pension account management
Based on the account management system, our pension service solution comprises a diverse range of standardized, customized and high-quality pension management services, including account management, reinvestment, and tax calculation. Powered by our strong mass data and information recording and transmission capabilities, we offer 24/7 services through widely distributed branches and an extensive service network.
An experienced pilot bank for pension account management
As a pioneer in China's pension market, we are more experienced than peer banks in terms of EA account management. Currently, we serve over one million employees as the pension account manager for thousands of companies. Our EA service targets a wide range of leading companies, including centrally-controlled and local state-owned enterprises and world-famous foreign-funded companies that span the coal, electric power, railway, automobile, transportation, and finance sectors. Our ‘Golden Life’ brand is highly regarded for its professional, efficient and superior services.
Mature and efficient account management system
Our proprietary pension account management system enables us to respond rapidly and effectively to customer requirements and adapt well to national policy changes and our own business expansion strategies. Based on years’ experience of serving enterprises, we have continued to improve our pension account management system. Stable and efficient, our 4th-generation system is the industry pacesetter in terms of IT features thanks to the optimized combination of full features, robust performance and strong scalability.
Professional and considerate service for group enterprises
Geared to the requirements of group enterprises, we offer a complete range of specialist services, including policy consultations, solution design, annuity actuarial services, management consultancy, process optimization, asset allocation, and operations assessment. Through our pension account management client, we have also extended the reach of our secure and efficient account management service to your desktop, allowing you to manage your pension account online.
A wide selection of easy inquiry methods
With a focus on customers’ data access experiences, our pension account management system enables enterprises and employees to inquire about their pension funds through multiple channels anytime, anywhere.


Call our national customer service hotline at 95555 or 8008308855.

All-in-One EA Card

Obtain an all-in-one EA card from CMB.

EA credit card

Obtain an EA credit card from CMB to receive a bank statement each month.

Online inquiry

Visit, our All-In-One-Net website for pensions. 

Self-service terminal

Query and print your EA account information through our self-service terminals.

Other inquiries

CMB processes your inquiries on request.

3. Pension Custody
Underpinned by our commitment of changing for you and managing your wealth based on your needs, and our corporate vision of protecting your business and wealth, we have built China’s first asset management brand – 6S Trustee Bank. Currently, we are nationally qualified to offer all custody services, positioning us as a leader in the banking sector.
Customized EA fund custody services
We can customize EA fund custody services based on customer requirements. These services include multi-layered accounting that spans EA fund plans and portfolios, income calculations based on unit net value or return on assets (RoA), daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly asset valuation, and 52 fixed and 200 variable-format reports.
Powerful fund clearing system
By connecting our fund clearing system to PROP, IST and OMO platforms and our online corporate banking system to the China National Automatic Payment System (CNAPS) and its urban centers, we support seamless fund settlement with other banks, securities companies, and registration platforms to facilitate fund allocation. We enable an EA fund beneficiary to collect payments anywhere around the world by simply providing the employee’s name, opening bank and account, and amount. 
Interactive online custody banking service platform
Our online custody banking platform links customers’ computers with our custody service host to offer a diverse range of 24/7 services such as instruction processing, data transmission, inquiries, investment monitoring, and information support for EA plan participants, EA fund boards,  custodian , investment managers, account managers, and relevant regulators.
Scientific risk and performance assessment system
Through comprehensive reports, we help customers fully assess their EA fund risks and performance. Currently, our assessment covers a wide range of around 200 indicators in 5 categories, including legal and investment risks, performance and risk/yield ratio.
Comprehensive EA fund service solution
We offer a comprehensive range of EA fund services such as compensation design, planning and filing, investment management and supervision, operating procedure design, and inquiries.
World-class internal control
We became China’s first SAS70-certified custody bank on November 20, 2007. As the world’s leading certification in the asset management field, SAS70 marks our compliance with international standards in terms of process planning, operating procedures, and internal risk control.
The innovative 6S custody model
Safekeeping: We maintain the security and integrity of entrusted assets by isolating them from our bank assets and other entrusted assets; consolidating them in different locations; and separating the functions of asset storage, management, operation, and allocation.
Settlement: Connected to other banks, registration and securities platforms, and global payment and settlement systems, our powerful clearing network can settle trusted funds securely, promptly and accurately.
Supervision: We supervise investment activities relating to the trusted fund for compliance with laws and standards on behalf of the asset owner, trustor or trustee.
Service: We offer a broad range of value-added custody services such as financial accounting, asset valuation, performance assessment, and corporate action plans.
Straight through processing (STP): STP automates our custody services throughout the process.
Survey: Through online custody banking, we provide investors, asset managers, trustees, account managers, and regulators with full information.
4. Auxiliary EA trustee management services
EA board + auxiliary trustee agency
1. Retains the EA board’s status as trustee to perform its duties;
2.Assists the EA board to improve decision-making and management processes based on our solid management experience and technical expertise as an auxiliary trustee agency, enriches the EA service, and adds value for the enterprise and its employees;
3.Helps build a mature auxiliary trustee management system and offers a complete range of auxiliary trustee services through a local and professional service team;
4.Assists the EA board to improve management and services in the following areas: strategic asset allocation, investment decision, process control, risk control, coordination, integrated management, and performance evaluation.
Full coverage: Based on an industry-leading access model via the mobile digital certificate, our auxiliary EA trustee service delivers enhanced information security and matches all the requirements of EA boards for EA fund management.
E2E process: Underpinned by a mature EA service process that has been developed over ten years, our EA service caters to all EA management requirements. Powered by a cutting-edge auxiliary trustee service management system that incorporates workflow management and messenger capabilities, we support a full range of EA fund payment and investment activities to optimize customer management, information and capital flows.
Holistic control: Driven by a prudent strategy and to strictly control risks in operations, management and investment, we provide customers with a complete set of management and control services and a full range of supervisory services and performance assessments for EA boards during the entire investment process.
Based on our auxiliary trustee management system, our EA board-based auxiliary trustee service is designed to assist EA boards to fully and effectively perform their duties as trustees.
EA consultation: enables customers to set up an EA board and its offices, formulate and improve the board’s articles of associations, and advise the board on government policies in terms of its duties.
EA plan improvement: assists customers assess and improve their original EA plan based on business needs. This service also aims to help customers establish the principles of their EA plan, identify the factors that may affect the plan, outline the plan’s framework, conduct EA estimation and analysis, advise on fee payment and collection methods, and provide customized EA solutions.
Investment performance assessment: tracks, monitors and assesses the investment manager based on a series of quantitative indices, and regularly submits reports to the EA board.
Investment advice: provides investment advice, risk alerts and countermeasures based on internal and external changes, such as changes to government policy for EA fund investments and capital markets. The investment advice process also assists the EA board to formulate suitable strategies for asset allocation and investment.
Daily operations support: Backed by years of experience in EA operations and solid service expertise, our auxiliary trustee management system enables EA boards and agencies to verify payment information, change employees’ personal information, collect EA payments, and transfer personal information in the office within their operation scope. 
Management report preparation: provides a consolidated EA management report that examines the performance of various investment portfolios or different investment managers.
Fund management supervision: assists the EA board to evaluate and supervise the activities of the fund manager, fund trustee, and investment manager. The service includes rating the trustee and investment manager and analyzing the functionality of the account management system.
About the auxiliary EA trustee management system
Our Pension Finance Department has developed a powerful auxiliary EA trustee management system based on years of research, auxiliary trustee consultations, and experience in EA operations. By addressing the bottlenecks affecting the conventional management model, the system enables the EA board to intelligently control risks in EA operations and management, and serve as the EA fund operator, manager and decision-maker.
With full flexibility and strong security features, the system supports standard and customized operations.
Our system provides the following distinctive capabilities:
1. Enhanced EA security through login authentication and strict access right control
1) Access via the mobile digital certificate
Powered by cutting-edge encryption technology that builds on digital signatures and strong communication channels protected by cryptography, our mobile digital certificate authenticates user identity and secures data transmissions. By isolating authentication data from hard disks, the system significantly reduces the risk of data theft. The U-Key access model applies the highest Internet security levels to safeguard the operation and management activities of EA board members.
At the end of 2007, our digital authentication system passed the security certification test conducted by the State Cryptography Administration, marking us the first and only bank with a nationally certified security system.
2) Strict access rights control
Our auxiliary EA trustee management system assigns different powers to different users to prevent unauthorized operations. The system grants different operation, inquiry and management powers to different managers, and defines the access rights in EA plans and subsidiaries for managers at different levels. 
In addition to maintaining the independence and security of EA information, the solution gives different access rights to different users.
2. Both standard and individualized settings
1) Internet-based client settings
Based on IE interfaces, the system revolutionizes the traditional client access model by granting users access through a PnP mobile digital certificate for EA operation and management.
The system does not require installation, supports automatic upgrades, and enables access anytime anywhere.
2) Smart data transfer
Breaking away from the industry practice of complex and repetitive configurations, our system transmits data based on file templates and smart field configurations. As well as providing a standard template for data collection from private ports, the solution supports various data formats defined by different EA management agencies, thus increasing data collection and transfer efficiency.
3) One-stop service based on complete functionality
The EA board plays a central role in an EA plan as its duties and powers span the entire process of EA management from daily operations, data storage, maintenance, supervision and the evaluation of each fund management agency to strategic asset allocation and portfolio risk control. Comprising a range of functional modules, the system offers a one-stop service for EA boards in the areas of EA fund management, operations, and investment decisions.
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