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Jinfu Plan: We offer the Jinfu plan to help enterprises attract and retain capable employees by increasing their compensation and benefits.

Hengkang Plan: By fully utilizing the government's preferential tax policies and partnering with leading insurance companies, CMB's Hengkang Plan provides a comprehensive range of competitive insurance products for employees. The plan includes service packages for senior executives, employees, borrowers' accident insurance, construction workers, lifelong critical illness insurance, and a medical insurance fund for employees.

Bulletin Board
CMB Notice on Renaming Its EA Management Center
In line with our changes in product and service scopes, we have renamed the ‘EA Management Center’ as the ‘Pension Finance Department’ and ‘’ as ‘'.
Notice of CMB on Changes to the Golden Life Collective Plan
Dear EA trustors and beneficiaries:

In accordance with the Administrative Measures on Enterprise Annuity Fund (Decree No.11) and the Notice on Piloting Collective Enterprise Annuity Plans (File [2011] 58), hereinafter referred as “No.58 Notice”) issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, CMB’s Golden Life No.1, No.3 and No.7 plans were registered on December 29, 2011 under the ministry’s files [2011]753, [2011]752, and [2011]751 to be renamed Golden Life Lexiang, Rongxiang and Zunxiang collective EA plans respectively with the following registration numbers: 99JH20110032, 99JH20110031, and 99JH20110030.

China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd
March 21, 2012

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