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CMB's pension products intrduction
As China's first bank to offer pension services, we have continued to expand our range of pension services over the past decade to meet varied enterprise requirements for compensation management. Complemented by the Jinfu talent incentive and Hengkang health insurance plans, our pension service portfolio currently centers on enterprise annuity (EA) plans that provide enterprises with a wide selection of management services for employee compensation and benefits.
The only EA pilot bank with ten years’ experience in pension services
1998: developed and operated our own EA plans;
2000: developed an EA account management system based on mature overseas experience;
2001: Our EA account management system passed the acceptance test jointly organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the People’s Bank of China, which designated us as China's only EA pilot bank;
2009: Our account management system won second prize in the financial innovation awards given by Shenzhen municipal government.
Since launching China’s first EA plan, we have accumulated extensive experience in pension fund management and services.
EA industry standard setter and pension fund operations leader
Based on our market knowledge, expertise, and extensive experience in the field of EA, our pension consultation and management team fully understands China’s EA rules, regulations, and system.
In 2003, we were invited to set the Standard on EA Account Management Information Systems;
In 2005, we became one of the first Chinese banks to qualify as an EA account manager and custodian, and at the same time unveiled our Golden Life brand. Led by the Ministry of Finance, we also participated in setting the EA Fund Accounting Principles.
In 2006, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security awarded us the status as manager and custodian of the P00001 EA fund for Lenovo.
In 2007, we became the first joint stock bank to qualify as an EA fund trustee.
These qualifications empower us to offer EA trustee, custodian and account management services, positioning us as China’s leader in the area of standardized pension funds.
Cutting-edge, secure and efficient system, unique operation model
Pension funds serve both individuals and enterprises. As part of our continued effort to improve pension services, our fourth-generation account management and trustee service systems deliver high-quality, efficient, secure and accurate pension fund management capabilities, fortifying our leading position in terms of technology. Moreover, we have extended our pension service by consolidating the data on back-end servers and branches through clients to maximize management efficiency and match your general and specific requirements.
Diverse channels and simple service procedures geared to your needs
With a focus on customers’ data access experiences, our 24/7 pension service system enables enterprises and employees to inquire about their pension funds through multiple channels anywhere in the world.
For corporate customers: In strict compliance with regulatory policies and customer agreements, our secure and efficient EA account management platform enables queries and statistical report services based on access rights.
For individual customers: Individuals can quickly inquire about their pension funds by simply entering their account number and password via one of various channels, such as SMS, the Internet, bank statements, or ATMs.
Standardized service procedures and customized value-added services
We offer high-quality standard services and a wide range of customized services, including policy consultations, solution design, annuity actuarial services, consultations on internal management models, process optimization and asset allocation, and operations assessment.
Currently, our pension service customers span over twenty sectors, including petroleum, coal mining, electric power, chemical industry, aviation, finance, tobacco, automobile, tourism, real estate, ports, salt, nonferrous metals, expressways, construction, IT, subways, water supply, and textiles. As a leading Chinese pension service provider, we currently serve millions of customers globally. We apply the highest level of quality to our pension service for customers.
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