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Financial consultation on asset management
1. Overview
CMB's asset management service targets its broad network of corporate and personal customers (high-end private banking customers). Geared to their specific requirements and risk appetite, the bank offers a diverse range of investment and financial services. Unlike other financial products for its personal and corporate customers, CMB’s asset management service focuses on tailoring financial services for high-end customers.

2. Target customers
Companies and individuals with a large amount of surplus funds that demand customized financial services.

3. Service description

Offering a portfolio of bank finance products, funds, FOF products and new stock subscriptions for customers that require high liquidity;

Developing venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) products combined with equity financing consultation services for customers with long-term fund surpluses and a high risk appetite;

Offering fixed income products for cautious customers, such as high-level commercial paper, high-quality bank credit assets and trust products entitled to credit enhancement;

Joining other asset management firms such as fund and trust companies to offer managed account services as the portfolio manager or financial advisor.

4. CMB's advantages

Professional team: CMB’s team of professionals possesses extensive experience in investment and financing services, and can offer specialist financing services that match customer requirements.

Integrated service: Underpinned by its strong capital base and extensive product portfolio, CMB offers integrated financing services to help customers implement financing plans;

Extensive sales network and large customer base: This enables CMB to help customers implement their financing plans.

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