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Consultation on trust financing
1. Overview
Geared to the cost-effective and diverse financing requirements of high-end customers, CMB offers customized investment banking solutions through the trust platform.

2. Target customers
Intended issuers: trust investment companies
Customers: Customers with strong financial status and credit standing

3. Service description
As a trust financing organizer, CMB can plan for the issuance of trust products, design a guarantee plan and coordinate the efforts of intermediary agencies.
CMB’s trust financing service portfolio includes: designing trust products; advising on trust financing management, managing trust fund accounts and supervising the use of trust funds.
CMB also helps its customers design integrated trust financing solutions, integrate financial plans with trust plans, raise funds by issuing RMB financial products and develop trust fund portfolios with CMB as the trustor and a trust company as the trustee.

4. CMB's advantages
Professional team: CMB’s team of experienced professionals develops and promotes integrated trust products and offers high-quality specialist financial services.
Resource consolidation: With a nationwide network of sales outlets and strong relationships spanning various sectors, CMB is well-positioned to rapidly offer integrated financing products and services by consolidating its extensive resource pool.
Continued assurance: CMB reassures customers with strong and continuous service support.

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