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Consultation on government finance
1. Overview
CMB offers consulting and planning services on government-led infrastructure construction projects, financing for key projects, financial resource consolidation, industry development, and regional economic development at various levels (including their investment and financing platforms). The corresponding projects involve mostly urban construction investments, state-owned asset management, development zones and land reserves.

2. Target customers
Local governments and investment and financing platforms.

3. Service description
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    Financial consultation for local governments on building development zones and attracting investment;
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    Financial consultation for large infrastructure construction projects led by local governments;
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    Financial consultation on planning and consolidating local industries;
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    Financial consultation on reforming local state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and government-sponsored institutions;
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    Financial consultation for local governments on consolidating regional financial resources.
4. CMB's advantages
CMB’s strong position in the banking sector helps its branches explore opportunities for acting as a financial consultant for local governments.Benefiting from strong relationships with local governments, CMB’s branches have played an active role in local economic and industrial development. By serving as a financial advisor for local governments, CMB’s branches can extend their influence and boost local sales.
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