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International Business Introduction
Why Choose CMB for International Business?
A Sound Product System:
CMB has a complete product system including international settlement, trade financing, foreign exchangetransaction, risk management, international factoring, guarantees, supply chain finance, consultancy and agency, etc.
An Integrated International Platform:
 CMB is the unique commercial bank in China that owns domestic and overseas branches (in Hong Kong and New York), an Offshore Banking Department at headquarters, a wholly-owned overseas subsidiary (Wing Lung Bank, Hong Kong) and an overseas investment banking institution (CMB International Capital Corp. Ltd., Hong Kong).
Advanced Technology:
CMB has developed the online international business system that can apply for online foreign exchange transaction, the online application for L/C, remittance, trade financing and international factoring, business inquiries and so on .
Professional Service:
CMB’ was the first bank in China to launch a centralized back-office processing center with a professional team for international trade documents.An Extensive Network of Correspondent Banks: CMB has established correspondent relations with more than 1800financial institutions in 96 countries and regions.

Following the general tendency of RMB internationalization and Chinese enterprises going abroad, CMB has taken the lead in China’s banking industry by launching the brand of Cross-border Finance, consisting of Going Global Finance, Overseas RMB Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Hedge Finance, and E-trade Finance. CMB has beenexpanding the basic financial services such as settlement and financing by offering comprehensive international financial solutions covering all procedures.

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