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Letter of Credit
L/C Issuance
CMB issues a written undertaking, by which CMB is to make payment once the documents presented comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in the Letter of Credit (L/C).

Creditworthiness enhanced: Your, an importer’s credibility is endorsed by CMB’s conditional payment undertaking, which helps you conclude a large size transaction with an exporter, the beneficiary.
Delivery guaranteed: As the terms and conditions of the L/C are surely met, your rights to the goods, shipment date and quality of goods are more effectively controlled.
Efficient service: With nearly 2,000 correspondents globally CMB chooses the quickest route so that an L/C can be at the beneficiary’s hand promptly.
Widely accepted: L/C issued by CMB is widely accepted in the international financial market.
Greater variety: CMB may issue an L/C catering to your needs, including transferrable L/C, reciprocal L/C, back-to-back L/C, sight payment L/C, deferred payment L/C, and red clause L/C, etc.
Advising L/C and Amendment
CMB performs verification and notification of a Letter of Credit (L/C) or its modification(s) to you, an exporter and the beneficiary of L/C.

Extensive network: CMB’s correspondent network partnering with about 2,000 banks ensures you prompt receipt of an authenticated L/C and/or its amendment. CMB’s efficient L/C advising system greatly speeds up the process.
Added-value services: CMB’s expertise in L/C practice and rules can provide you with consultation on the terms and conditions of an L/C and/or its amendment so as to safeguard your exporter’s interests and rights.
Export L/C Negotiation
CMB’s services for you, a beneficiary under export Letter of Credit (L/C) include document examination, mailing and tracing and collection of payment.

Lower risk: Your trading partner’s credit risk is replaced by that of the L/C issuing bank.
Added-value services: CMB’s examination of document ensures compliance of L/C terms and conditions, professional tracing and discrepancy-handling speeds up L/C issuing bank’s payment. In addition, forfaiting is also available if the L/C is usance and has been accepted by the issuing bank.
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