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CMB may purchase at an agreed discount rate and on without-recourse basis your accounts receivable (A/R) which have been accepted by a Letter of Credit (L/C) issuing bank or a drawee under Documents against Acceptance (D/A), always provided that the issuing bank’s or the drawee’s credit standing is acceptable to CMB.
Capability enhanced: CMB’s without-recourse purchaseof A/R is a significant help for you to negotiate with importer/buyer better contract conditions by accepting longer payment term.
Financial efficiency increased: CMB’s without-recourse purchase of A/R is a significant financial support for you to cash A/R and improve your financial health.
Financial and political risks mitigated: CMB’s without-recourse purchaseof A/R is a significant tool for you to manage the fluctuation of exchange rates and political uncertainty over the payment term.
Workable with Packing Loan: CMB’s without-recourse purchase of A/R can be structured with Packing Loan, which is a pre-shipment advance.
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