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Buyer's Credit
Buyer’s credit is a medium-to-long-term loan facility provided by exporter’s bank and maybe supported by exporter’s home government for the purpose of promoting the export of capital goods and services such as homebred mechanical and electrical products, complete equipment and overseas contracted engineering projects. If you export large electromechanical equipment, vessels, communication products and related services, CMB may grant your foreign customer medium-to-long-term loan for this purchase.
Capability enhanced: CMB’s loan is a significant help for you to negotiate with buyer better contract conditions by accepting longer payment term for large deal.
Financial efficiency increased: CMB’s loanfor the buyer is a dependable source of payment for your export of goods/service, thus improving your cash flow.
Buyer’s risks mitigated: CMB’s loan for the buyer allows you to be free from buyer’s national, political and financial uncertainty over your contract term.
Exchange rate risk mitigated: CMB’s loan for the buyer, especially in RMB, is a significant tool for you to manage the fluctuation of exchange rates over the payment term.
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