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Liquidity Funds Management Plan

Product type

Type of guaranteed principal and variable income




Clients may redeem it on any product workday

Return ratio

The return ratio fluctuates with market interest. China Merchants Bank announces the product’s annualized return ratio of the day every workday.

Purchase/ Redeem

Clients may purchase or redeem on product workday.

Interest accrual way

The product calculates interest every day and pays it every month or every quarter of the year.

Investment orientation

Foreign currency funds are operated by the Asset Management Team of China Merchants Bank, invested to the financial instruments with relatively high credit and liquidity in domestic and foreign markets, such as constant return bonds, inter-bank borrowing and money market funds, etc. China Merchants Bank formulates the interest-rate expectations strategy of this financial plan according to the macroeconomic trends, bond market and money market, and takes the needs of security and liquidity as the important constraint of asset allocation and constructing investment portfolio.    


Online corporate banking or counter

• Guaranteed principal
• High liquidity
• Favorable income: return ratio is generally higher than that of current deposit 
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