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Fix Term Funds Management Plan

Product type

Type of guaranteed principal and fixed income



Duration varieties

Clients may choose from 7-day, 14-day, 1-month, 3-month and 6-month

Return ratio

According to the differences between currencies and term, China Merchants Bank updates the quoted price of each duration variety every workday.

Purchase/ Redeem

Clients may subscribe on any product workday, but it can’t be redeemed before maturity.

Investment orientation

Invest in domestic and foreign financial market instruments, such as bonds, notes, credit short-term loan, redemption of bond, currency swap and interest rate swap. China Merchants Bank formulates the interest-rate expectations strategy of this product according to the macroeconomic trends, bond market and the situations of the international financial markets, and takes the needs of security as the important constraint condition of asset allocation and constructing investment portfolio.   


Online corporate banking or counter

• Guaranteed principal
• Favorable income: the return ratio is generally higher than the interest rate of fixed deposit.
• Rich varieties: covering various durations from 7 days to half a year, which has a great advantage over fixed deposit.
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