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Export Factoring
CMB, being an export factor, provides you, an exporter with standard or tailored services on both with recourse and without recourse basis, like collection and ledgering of accounts receivable, buyer’s credit protection and financing against invoices.  

Protection against credit risk: With buyer’s credit protection you don’t have to worry about buyer’s insolvency or bankruptcy.
Early settlement and tax rebate: In addition to buyer’s credit protection, non-recourse factoring enables you to avoid the risk of exchange rate through early settlement and get tax rebate as soon as possible.
Financial efficiency increased: With financing under non-recourse factoring your accounts receivable become cash, thus increasing cash in hand and improving your financial health.
Quicken capital turnover: You may get an advance of up to 80% of the assigned invoice amount.
More trading opportunities: Saleon Open Account (O/A) or Documents against Acceptance (D/A) payment terms makes you more attractive to prospective buyers and increases your business opportunities.

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