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FI Wealth Management
Product Overview
FI Wealth Management business enables CMB to provide other banks and their clients (including corporate and individual clients) with wealth management plans or products.
The FI wealth management product joint sales business involves CMB working with other financial institutions (banks) to provide wealth management products for their corporate and individual clients.
FI Proprietary Wealth Management business means other financial institutions purchase CMB’s interbank wealth management products using their own funds as investors.
1. Strong product development force
2. Professional investment and management teams
3. An advanced interbank wealth management system
4. Flexible cooperation modes
Service Procedure
1.The two parties negotiate and agree an intent of cooperation for wealth management, and conclude the Master Cooperation Agreement on Wealth Management.
2.The two parties agree an intent for purchase and joint sale of a single wealth management product, and conclude the Sales Agreement for Interbank Wealth Management Products or a Supplementary Agreement.
3.The financial institution partner opens a settlement account with CMB.
4.The financial institution partner can purchase the wealth management products through CMB’s counters or the online banking system for financial institutions.
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