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Bond Trade and Repo
Product Overview
1. Bond trading is a transaction in which the parties involved trade an amount of bonds at an agreed price and perform delivery within the specified clearing period.
2. Securities companies qualified for trading in the national interbank bond market transfer or pledge all their bonds to CMB, and undertake to repurchase the transferred bonds unconditionally after a certain period. CMB provides this service for financial institution clients. The term of bond repo can be up to 365

1. Longer possible term than interbank offering.
2. High service efficiency 

Service Procedure
Online transaction:
CMB’s bond repo service is mainly performed through the online transaction system of the national interbank offering center. The parties involved in the transaction inquire, make offers and finally close a deal through the system. The bonds are delivered through the bond registration system, and the funds are cleared through the account for settlement reserve funds. The relevant business processes are based on the trading rules of the local currency trading system of the national interbank offering center.
Offline transactions:
1. The parties involved in a transaction agree on an intention of transaction concerning the type, amount, price and other elements of the bond repo.
2. The parties conclude the master agreement for bond repo;
3. The fund raising party completes the transfer or pledge registration formalities via the bond registration system.
4. CMB transfers the funds.
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