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Agency RMB Clearing for FI via Corporate Online Banking
Product Overview
A foreign bank operating in China opens an interbank CNY clearing account with CMB, and gives payment instructions to CMB via the online corporate banking system or through the bank-enterprise direct connection. CMB provides an external CNY payment service for the foreign bank’s clients.

1.Access to CNAPS PBoC for foreign banks; simple operation procedures; non-exclusive.
2 Two options are provided: the online corporate banking terminal and bank-enterprise direct connection

Service Procedure
1. Clients complete the online corporate banking and clearing agency application forms, and sign the settlement account service and service agreements covering bank-enterprise direct connection. CMB’s corporate banking customer service department activates the clearing function of the online corporate banking system, and the bank-enterprise direct connection is established after checking and approving the above documents.
2. The product manager and technical staff of CMB's branch install the online corporate banking system, set the direct connection interface parameters, and perform debugging. This connects the clearing agency and the enterprise’s internal system.
3. The enterprise logs in to the online corporate banking client for the clearing agency or the internal system for direct connection to enable operations.
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