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Interbank Service Gateway
Product Overview
The interbank service gateway is a fund settlement channel jointly established by CMB and its banking partners, which include city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and rural cooperative banks. The partners’ clients use the CMB platform to invest in financial products such as securities, wealth management products, and trust programs, and to settle payments through bank accounts opened with the banking partners. This service system aims to build a financial product supermarket, develop a platform for interbank cooperation, and establish new partnerships between banks.
Underpinned by incomparable local resources, information systems and service channels,  CMB has emerged as a leading domestic bank in terms of wealth management. CMB established a nationwide network of regional and local offices and branches that serve a large local client base through a mature product system, powerful supply channels for financial products, and extensive experience in business management and operations.
Interbank partnerships and high-speed settlement channels between CMB and regional banks fully utilize CMB’s corporate advantages in terms of products, technology, service and management, and the advantages of regional banks in terms of offices, client resources, and localized marketing. 

(1) Powerful platform: Once the system is developed, multiple financial products can be connected.
(2) Rich product supply: Banking partners can rely on CMB's strong product supply to quickly enrich their own product and service systems, and stabilize the development of their client resources.
(3) CMB’s dedicated operation system fully protects our partners’ client resources.
(4) Extensive value-added services and the CMB customer service system with high added value for sharing.
(5) Strategic growth mentorship provides continuous service training and experience sharing with our partners. 

Service Procedure
(1) Conclusion of the partnership agreement: CMB provides the interbank channel service to regional banks. After intent of cooperation has been confirmed, both parties enter into a partnership agreement. The agreement is executed between the CMB and the partner’s head offices.
(2) System connection between both sides: CMB provides the technical documents for system connection, based on which the banking partner develops its system. The two parties then test the networking and system connection processes.
(3) Preparations for system launch: After connection is completed, the banking partner establishes its internal rules and regulations, and provides training to staff. CMB assists with these processes.
(4) System launch and service performance: After the system has undergone a trial run, the banking partner opens the system to its clients and begins providing services. CMB settles payments with fund companies, designs wealth management products and supplies financial products, and performs fund settlement, reconciliation and error handling jointly with the banking partner. The banking partner is responsible for managing clients’ settlement accounts by opening an account for settlement reserve funds with CMB, accepting clients' service requests through the service counters, and assisting CMB with settlement, reconciliation and error handling.
(5) After the service has been launched, the two partners jointly solve any service performance problems. CMB pays the banking partner settlement service fees as contracted. 
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