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Loans for Vessels
CMB grants mid- and long-term mortgage loans to eligible enterprises that have purchased a vessel. Under the loan, the vessel is mortgaged and the revenues from its operation are used as the source of repayment.  

Scope of Application
General-purpose vessels with a carrying capacity of over 1,000 tons and a unit price of not more than RMB30 million. Such vessels include container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers and passenger ships that are either new or have been in use for under 10 years, and exclude vessels under construction.

Basic Requirements for the Borrower
A business entity or organization that is registered with an industry and commerce administration (or a higher-level regulatory authority), and holds a vessel operation license from the shipping management authority;
Strong business operations, financial status, and credit standing;
Has established a basic or general clearing account with CMB.

Guarantee Requirements for the Applicant
The purchased vessel on mortgage, repayment guarantee insurance from an insurer with CMB as the primary beneficiary, and joint liability with the manufacturer or seller of the vessel; or Adequate currency, or the applicant or third party must pledge national or other bonds that are recognized by CMB. 

Down Payment, Term and Repayment of the Loan
The borrower shall make a minimum down payment of 30 percent of the purchase price for a new vessel or 50 percent for a second-hand vessel;
The maximum loan term is 10 years;
The loan is repaid in equal monthly installments.  

Eases the repayment burden of the borrower as the mortgage loan is repaid in monthly installments; 
Helps vessel manufacturers and vendors expand business and enhance competitiveness;
Facilitates the distribution of general-purpose equipment and the growth of river and marine transportation.
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