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Financial Consultation
On the strength of its sales network, capital, information, talent and customer group, CMB offers planning, consultation and intermediary services for enterprises on capital structure formation, financial management, finance, and capital operations.

Service Types
Consultation on investment and financing: financing and investment plans for enterprises;
Permanent financial consultation: continuous consultation on financial management, capital market operations, and investment activities for enterprises;
Consultation on share restructuring and reorganization: helps enterprises standardize operating procedures and acquire more financing channels;
Consultation on M&As: assists enterprises in back-door listing, industry consolidation and business diversification;
International business consultation: helps enterprises connect the domestic and international capital markets and promote cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises;
Consultation on equity operations and strategic planning: helps enterprises reform their ownership and compensation systems, and develop incentive plans.CMB’s financial consultation services also include helping enterprises obtain syndicated loans and structural finance, and manage their assets. These services are usually combined with bridge loans for enterprises.
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