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Fixed Asset Loans
In addition to the requirements for liquid capital loans, the borrower must meet the following criteria: 
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    Operates a technical renovation or capital construction project listed under a national or local government plan;
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    Holds a building permit, investment permit and construction permit, or approval documents necessary for imports from relevant authorities;
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    Has sufficient operating capital to finance business activities after the project is becomes operational;
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    and Plans to obtain funding at a minimum of 30 percent of the total investment.
Documents Required for the Loan
In addition to the documents required for a liquid capital loan, the borrower must submit: 
A project feasibility report; and
Approval documents and permits associated with the project.  

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    A variety of currencies including renminbi and foreign currencies;
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    A flexible term, generally 1-5 years but up to 10 years;
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    A preference for infrastructure sectors such as transport, energy, mail, and telecommunications.
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