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Bank Acceptance
Basic Requirements for the Applicant
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    A business entity or organization that is registered with an industry and commerce administration (or a higher-level regulatory authority), and has completed annual inspection procedures with such an authority;
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    The applicant holds a settlement account with CMB;
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    Has conducted legal commodity transactions;
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    Has the ability to repay the loan upon maturity;
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    Has paid a given amount as a security deposit, with the remainder sufficiently covered by a mortgage, pledge or third-party guarantee.
Related Rules
Limit: The maximum amount of each acceptance bill is RMB10 million;
Term: The bill carries a term of up to 6 months under a commercial contract;
Handling fee: 0.05 percent of the acceptance amount and RMB10 for each transaction valued at  under RMB10.  

Complete the Application Form for CMB’s Acceptance Bills, and submit the documents required for a liquid capital loan.

The applicant must have sufficient funds in its account before the acceptance bill is due. CMB deducts the amount due from the account to pay the bill holder on the date of maturity. If the funds in the applicant’s account cannot cover the acceptance bill, CMB treats the shortfall as an overdue loan.
CMB encourages and prioritizes acceptance bills fully pledged against a security deposit or an amount of legally held deposit.
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