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Bond Settlement Service by Proxy
Under this service model, CMB, as entrusted by a non-banking institution, acts on its behalf to trade and repurchase bonds in the interbank bond market, helping the institution implement its bond investment plans.

Features and Benefits
Profitability: With stable prices, bonds generate steady yields for investors.
Security: The interbank bond market trades national and policy-driven financial bonds under sovereign credit that is basically risk-free.
Liquidity: After purchasing a bond, an investor can obtain finance to meet its short-term requirements through bond repurchasing or selling the bond through CMB. This provides guaranteed liquidity for the investor.
Ease of use: After opening a capital account with CMB, investors can trade bonds and transfer funds through the bank’s transaction system.

1.   Financial support: Powered by its extensive network of banking outlets and solid capital base, CMB can meet investors’ varied funding requirements.
2.   Information service: CMB relies on its extensive information bank and strong technical expertise to provide a complete range of information for investors.
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