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Outward Collection
1 Product Introduction

Outward Collection is also named documentary collection. It means the exporter (drawer) engages CMB to send commercial documents to the importer’s bank by virtue of financial documents attached with commercial documents (normally bill of exchange), or commercial documents only, thereby collecting payment from the drawee. Inward Collection is a service whereby CMB is entrusted by a correspondent bank, and according to instructions, CMB will deliver the documents to the importer against its payment or acceptance.

2 Target Customers

Any customer with import and export businesses.

3 Product Advantage

1.Facilitating payment in trades: International collection is a frequently-used payment method between entities who have certain cooperation basis. CMB has rich experience in collection service, and will be a great helper in your trade settlement.

2.Low cost: Less expensive than L/C.

3.Easy payment and receipt: CMB has an extensive correspondent bank network that can meet collection needs of customers from different countries or regions.

4.CMB has strong expertise and good service quality.

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