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International Forfaiting
1 Product Content

Forfaiting means CMB purchases the exporter’s outstanding claims resulting from real transactions without recourse. Forfaiting can meet the customer’s need in foreign exchange advances and avoiding risks.

2 Business Advantages

1.Lower costs: Easily turning the future accounts receivable into current cash flows and effectively lower management costs. In addition, CMB has extensive overseas financing channels which lower capital costs.

2.Mitigate risks: Customers transfer such risks as nation risk, credit risk, exchange rate risk and interest rate risk to CMB with the purpose to mitigate risks, and achieve foreign exchange advances.

3.Assets realization: Not occupy the exporter’s credit line. No guarantee or collateral is required, and accounts receivable can be quickly converted into cash.

4.Optimize financial statements: After CMB purchases the accounts receivable through forfaiting without recourse, accounts receivable will be converted into current-period cash inflow, which reduces capital requirement of enterprises, so that the financial statements can be optimized.

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