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Inward remittance
1 Product Introduction

Inward remittance is a service whereby CMB, upon the request of the remitting bank, transfers the received amounts safely and timely to the payee.

2 Target Customers

Any customer with cross-border inward remittance needs.

3 Product Advantages

1 Mobile & PC, from home, the office or on the go: Our new version of corporate mobile banking APP enables customers to complete inward remittance on mobile phone. Moreover, our APP has RTD (Real-time Decision) system built in, which keeps your money secure all the time.

2 Reporting balance of payments statistics in only one step: You can receive remittance, and meanwhile, report balance of payments statistics in express operation.

3 Real-time notification and single-person confirmation: You shall receive instant notification when your money arrives. Single-person authorization delivers you a better experience with less operation.

4 Pre-review service and timely feedback: You don’t know what materials to submit? Take photos with your mobile phones and enjoy the pre-review service that gives highly efficient feedbacks!

5 New and optimized internal process: CMB has reshaped its internal process to keep you ahead of others in inward remittance.

6 Self-service settlement of exchange: CMB supports nested and self-service settlement of exchange on mobile phone and PC. Just get started with the CMB Mobile Banking APP and U-Bank Now.

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