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Engineering factoring
1 Product Introduction:

“Engineering factoring” is a service whereby CMB, as the export factor, provides export factoring to the exporter for accounts receivable arising from the exporter’s supply of equipment or overseas project contracting services, without recourse. Such exporter needs to purchase specific contract insurance under Sinosure’s short-term project insurance.

2 Target Customers:

1. Any industry leader who has large-sum and long-term accounts receivable, as well as full qualifications and rich experiences in exporting equipment and contracting overseas projects.

2. Any customer who demands bank loans, or needs to unload accounts receivable from their balance sheets.

3. Any customer who has the very limited credit line in CMB, and has high requirements for the bank’s credit resource allocation.

3 Product Advantages:

1. Sinosure’s insurance will provide protection against the buyer’s business risks and political risks abroad. Through factoring with no recourse, CMB enables the seller to receive payment in advance. Moreover, the product is connected to Internet banking, which improves efficiency in business processing.

2. CMB’s buyout of the enterprise’s accounts receivable without recourse will convert accounts receivable into cash, thereby optimizing the enterprise’s financial statements.

3. “Engineering factoring” does not use the enterprise’s credit line of CMB, helping the enterprise reasonably allocate the bank’s credit resources.

4. Through the financing arrangement of CMB, the enterprise can operate assets more efficiently, and get access to low-cost funds and lower operating costs. The product can effectively meet special needs of large enterprises.

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