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Export pool financing
1 Product Introduction

Export pool financing is a service whereby the exporter submits a batch of trade documentation which has different terms of payment and period to CMB in the form of “pools”. CMB provides export trade financing to the exporter at certain proportion. Unlike single export financing, the export pool financing service lends and receives repayment based on the pool balance. Lending and repayment in the service do not correspond to term and amount of single export document.

2 Target Customers

Any exporter that has many buyers and frequently-occurring businesses which engage in many exporting transactions with different accounting periods and relatively stable payment.

3 Product Advantages

1. There is no need to borrow and repay frequently, and all money are paid in lump sum when due.

2. The product is linked to Internet banking, which enhances efficiency in business processing.

3. Enterprises can flexibly use documents/security deposits to meet needs in different scenarios.

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