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Cross-border financing
Product Introduction

Cross-border financing refers to domestic borrowers’ action of borrowing money (in local or foreign currencies) from non-resident entities across the border. Specifically, our bank’s domestic branches will issue financing letter of guarantee (LG) or standby letter of credit (LC) based on domestic enterprises’ applications. By virtue of the LG or standby LC, our overseas branches and sub-branches, or other banks will provide loans to domestic borrowers. The products are provided under the macro-prudential administrative rules of People’s Bank of China governing universal cross-border financing activities. The products can help customers fully leverage resources in domestic and overseas financial markets, widen financing channels and lower financing costs.

Product Type

In terms of currencies, cross-border financing activities include those in RMB and foreign currencies. For customers engaging in foreign-currency cross-border financing, we provide various derivatives to help them manage foreign exchange risks.

Business Advantages

(1)Lowering financing costs. Fully using overseas financial market to help businesses raise money at lower costs.

(2)High flexibility and wide scope of application. Cross-border financing can meet various production and operation needs of businesses. Except real estate developers and local government financing platforms, all customers can engage in cross-border financing operations.

(3)We have many overseas institutions that can support various currencies. Through our offshore financial centers, CMB Wing Lung Bank, and branches in HK, New York, Singapore, Luxembourg, London and Sydney, we can provide enterprises with the most cost-effective financing solution in USD, EURO, HKD and other convertible currencies across the world.

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