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CMB Shanghai branch releases innovative services to fuel SMEs

CMB Shanghai branch launched a series of progressive promotions this year to provide a full range of innovative financing services for local SMEs. By August 15, the branch had held 152 promotional activities, including 85 in industry zones and 67 in enterprises, covering nearly 1,000 SMEs and serving over 300 existing and 134 new customers. We have financed over RMB2 billion for 10 IPOs from last year, ranking first in Shanghai.
Based on last year's promotional activities, we have also refined our business concepts.

We have joined forces with the local government, VCs and PEs to boost the influence of our promotions, develop our business innovation efforts for enterprises, provide a full range of innovative financing services designed for SMEs based on industry zones, and step up media and network ad campaigns. This strategy has largely prompted sub-branches to launch promotional activities, which have in turn improved sub-branches' marketing capabilities.

CMB’s Eagle project beefs up promotion efforts.

The CMG Eagle project was launched last year to provide a full range of financial services for growth SMEs in national strategic industries. This year, CMB Shanghai branch launched nearly 100 promotional activities, including city-wide activities supported by the municipal government, SME forums covering specific industry customers, and small-sized consultations held by sub-branches. We have joined forces with PEs and security companies to launch various activities such as press conferences, forums, drop-ins, consultations and other informal business meetings. We aim to provide financial services and customer-tailored services for companies going for listing, and also other SMEs.

CMB Shanghai branch has set up an SME promotion team and designated staff to take charge of different districts and visit SMEs regularly, e.g., visiting Caohejing Pujiang Hi-Tech Zone on a weekly basis to offer consulting services on financial products and services.

Through these promotional activities, the branch has designed customer-tailored services for enterprises of various sizes and boosted staff's expertise in terms of serving SMEs. 

In a promotional activity held by a sub-branch in an industry zone, a small energy management company contacted the sub-branch for a loan. Registered under the Shanghai Contractual Energy Management Commission, the company had begun a cold and heat source energy renovation project for a major hotel in Shanghai, with a total investment of RMB12 million. However, the company was facing tight liquidity as the initial funds (self-owned capital and borrowings from shareholders) was about to run out. The company had only been registered for two months with a registered capital of RMB10 million, which was not fully paid. Moreover, the private enterprise had no revenue from major business activities, had recorded a loss, and had failed to provide a pledge or guarantor. Therefore, the company could not finance this project. Instead of denying its application, the branch designated a customer manager to analyze the company, knowing that this project would be highly profitable and also enjoy a bright future thanks to government support.  Given that the company holds light-asset technologies and was unable to provide a pledge, CMB undertook a specialist assessment on the implementation plan, progress and performance of the contract energy management project. Moreover, the Shanghai Contract Energy Office assessed the project and issued a technical certificate, which pledged the repayment with the expected share of energy-saving profits for the company. CMB provided the company with a RMB 10 million mid-to-long term loan, of which RMB5 million was granted in early March, solving its' liquidity shortage. 

A biotech company partnered with CMB in the IPO tutorial class of a phase-one promotional activity. The biotech firm was awaiting listing in the GEM board, and seeking PE investment and the issuance of private placement bonds. For this type of scenario, the CMB Eagle project has developed the unique "loan + PE" financing loan. After analyzing its needs, our customer manager helped the firm find partners based on its business portfolio, and visited the company with PE investors to assess the feasibility of investment-financing cooperation. We promptly offered a RMB20 million unsecured fiduciary loan for the company, paving the way for its IPO. 

However, the financing problems facing SMEs remain. Therefore, we will continue our promotional activities and advertise successful SME financing projects to show our commitment to social responsibility, and elevate our brand equity among enterprises and the public.

To help realize our targets, CMB Shanghai branch has developed the "Small Loans Fuel Large Businesses" ad campaign to improve the visibility of this year’s promotional activities via TV, radio, websites and short messages. By August 15, Xin Hua News Agency and had published 3 reports and Shanghai’s major media houses had released another 18 concerning our promotional events. On the day of the promotion, we sent short messages to companies in industry zones through Joypull. Recently, led by supervisory bodies, we have jointly launched a series of community activities with the general public security force of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. These activities have been covered by the News Express program, which was broadcasted by MMTV five times a day, and showed our corporate social responsibility and highlighted our promotional activities.