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CMB offers one-stop business travel management solutions

Recently, CMB released a leading business travel management system based on its business card payment and data service products. The new system covers approval, booking, payments, reimbursement and data functions, forging a new path in domestic one-stop business travel management.

Based on delivering pleasant, fast and convenient business travel services, the system aims to help corporate users improve the business travel experience. You can submit and approve traveling expense bills through the intelligent system, which reduces travel costs by at least 25%. The business travel management system replaces cash with the business card. The card comprises enterprises travel policies, automatically assesses whether a payment complies with these policies, and calculates the travel allowance. Comprehensive reports are outputted by the data service platform to help users analyze their travel expenses.

In addition, the business travel management provides a series of value-added services to elevate user experience and ensure the safety of user information. These services include compensation of RMB200 for a flight delay of 2 hours and a business traveler locating service.