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A New Travel Management Mode – CMB Creates a One-Stop Solution through Inter-Industry Cooperation

Travel management is more than “ticket + hotel”.  By utilizing its advantages in business card payments, data services, and advanced travel management, CMB has pioneered its Easy Trip full-process travel management system by integrating five modules: review, booking, payment, reimbursement and data integration.

Based on creating a simple, economic and effective travel service, Easy Trip adds value to enterprise travel management in six major areas. Users can fill out orders and have them reviewed after logging into the CMB system to boost efficiency. CMB helps enterprises access the ticket and hotel resources at 25% less costs, maximizing value for customers. 

With the assistance of multi-dimensional statements generated by the data service platform, enterprises can analyze their travel expenses, adding value to data services. The Easy Trip system provides other value-added services such as CNY 200 compensation for more than a 2-hour flight delay, and seat reservations for business trip to simplify business trips. Easy Trip adopts the bank-level data security system to keep enterprise information secure.