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CMB's Financial Education Tour for Small Enterprises and Special Customer Groups

CMB announced its nationwide Financial Education Tour yesterday. Designed to help micro and small enterprises and marginalized customer groups, the tour will help the public and business people of Changsha learn about the policies of CMB and identify the services that suit them.

CMB’s Financial Education Tour will be carried out in branches, special education venues, service centers at communities, and floating schools. It includes lectures about financial knowledge; the risks involved in financial services; and QAs about bank cards, service channels, wealth management, retail loans (for individuals and micro/small enterprises) and services for specific customer groups. The tour is designed to help the public understand finance, and instruct how to use convenient self-service facilities.

The tour will also promote personalized services, products, and support policies to improve service effectiveness for marginalized customer groups such as the elderly, unemployed, disabled, and farmer laborers. Previously, CMB has held five public events focusing on wealth management education. The Financial Education Tour is intended to improve the public’s awareness of financial risks and self-protection capabilities, and to promote rational investment strategies.