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CMB Zhangzhou Branch holds SME business loan introduction meeting
Recently, CMB Zhangzhou Branch and Xiangcheng District Clothes Industry Association jointly held the CMB SME Business Loan Introduction Meeting at Haijing Business Hotel to introduce CMB's latest financial products for SME business, All In One Business Card, to SMEs and private businesses.
The All In One Business Card is the first of its kind to integrate finance, settlement and consumption for micro-businesses, offering fast and low-interest loans, money remittance and transfer services, settlement and wealth management.
According to branch personnel, CMB has proactively innovated micro-loan varieties and collaterals to lower financing thresholds and costs, and simplify the process for micro-businesses. As a micro-business finance tool that provides a comprehensive service solution to meet the varied needs of small businesses, the All In One Business Card provides unsecured and day-interest-bearing loans with a high credit limit, flexible repayment terms, free domestic money transfers, free cross-bank payment collection, and unsecured loans at POS.