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CMB Launches a ‘100 Moving Stories’ Award

CMB organized a '100 Moving Stories’ award program between October 15 and November 9. By inviting customers to choose from the stories of service that have moved them most, the program is designed to join customers to explore the secrets of quality service for CMB.

CMB customers can participate in the program at or Participants will be offered a range of gifts. The program comprises ‘Luck Award’, ‘Weekly Award’, and ‘Big Thanks Award’.

Thanks to its firm commitment to building a strong corporate culture since its inception 25 years ago, CMB has cultivated a unique service culture. Every CMB employee draws inspiration from the statement by President Ma Weihua, “We must protect CMB’s service brand like we protect ourselves. Whoever damages the brand will get fired.” As part of its annual ‘Corporate Culture Festival’, the heads of all branches and sub-branches are required to serve customers as lobby managers for one day. At CMB, ‘change for you’ is more than a slogan, and has taken deep root in the heart of each employee.